In our portfolio there are:

VoIP telephony providers, which we have successfully introduced into the Polish market and have brought to the leading position (FreecoNet,Inotel SA, IPFON; easyCALL.pl SA);
VoIP equipment distributors (Konsorcjum FEN, Brinet);
IP surveillance equipment vendors (e.g. Koukaam, Geovision, March Networks, ACTi);
Video-conferencing solutions providers (VCC Systems, Vivicom, Emblaze V-CON);
IT and telecommunications equipment manufacturers (e.g. Meru Networks – the world’s leading manufacturer of WLAN solutions; CyberPower – UPS solutions; DrayTek – network solutions; PQI – flash memory;
Software companies (The Polished Group from the <Prokom Software group, IVO Software, Fild.NET, Datera);
Nearshore IT development companies (Multishoring.info – the largest organization of IT consultants who specialize in offshore and nearshore IT development in Poland);
Internet portals (e.g. Firmy.net – a business directory service; TotalMoney.pl – a comparsion service of hard-to-compare products; ePuls.pl – a social service for youth);
Webhosting companies (DomainMaker – one of the major Polish domain registration companies; Ogicom – one of the major Polish webhosting companies; EURid – the European Registry of Internet Domain Names that manages the .eu domain);
Data backup and storage solutions providers (Polcom Storage – an integration company specializing in the implementation of sophisticated backup and data storage systems; 3PAR – a storage manufacturer);
Companies offering applications and solutions for mobile devices (Brainglass – a manufacturer of educational applications for learning English; Antenna Software – company that makes it possible to create, publish and manage Web sites and applications on any mobile platform).


– We have carried out PR actions supporting launching or relaunching of such brands as: TIGER, ALE! Mleko, Bakoma, Bakuś, Ludwik, Cenos, Mieszko.


In our portfolio there are also the interior design and construction brands such as Excellent SA, Wedi, Wanna w wannie, Dekoral, OryginalneTapety.com, Osiedle Europejskie, Nieruchomosci-Online.pl.


We have been working for companies from the advertising industry (DEMO effectivie launching – a leading ad agency in Poland; PRO Media House – a media house; Novem – a performance marketing agency), and the media outlets (e.g. ePuls.pl – the largest community service for youth; TotalMoney.pl – a hardly comparable product comparison service; Firmy.NET – an online web directory).


Finance and Accounting (PRO Audit, TotalMoney.pl)
Footwear (GEOX)
Pharmacy (Lek PolskaDeprim, Immunal; Dagomed-PharmaFito Slim Forte; ePRUF SA)
Film (CineRental.pl)
Sport (J&S Cup)
Automotive (PGD)