We offer you comprehensive support in the field of Public Relations. We will tell you what to say in order to win the trust of your target groups. We will select communication tools appropriate for this purpose. We will meticulously perform the adopted action plan.

To achieve those goals we use the following services included in our offer:

  • Communication Strategies

    Communication strategies developed by PR Solutions emphasize the basics – thorough analysis of the initial situation, precise definition of goals and target groups, appropriate selection of the message to be conveyed and communication techniques to be used. more

  • Media Relations

    Media relations is one of the most important areas of business handled by PR Solutions. In this respect we are committed to individual contacts with reporters, regular provision of reliable and valuable information and long-term cooperation based on mutual trust and respect. more

  • e-PR

    On the Internet reporters look for news and clients look for information on products and services they need. With PR Solutions you will reach both these target groups. more

  • Custom Publishing

    Custom publishing is an increasingly popular way of communication. We will help you to create both customer as well as internal magazines and/or newsletters. more

  • Visual Identity

    Coherent visual identity and its well-thought-out use are among the most vital aspects of a company’s promotion. It is the logo and colors that are best remembered and generate trust towards a business. That is why visual identification is very important in PR Solutions’ offer. more

  • Video news

    Our offer now includes video-news –information conveyed by means of video files that provide you with non-standard possibilities and opportunities so far not taken advantage of in the Polish market. more

  • Events

    We believe that nothing draws people’s attention as effectively as an interesting event. Events may take various forms but they should always draw the attention of the target groups we want to reach. We will assist you in organizing such events. more

  • Tech PR - Poland

    PR services regarding technology, IT and telecommunications industry are one of the most important areas of PR Solutions’ offer. We have been servicing tech clients in the area of PR for nearly 15 years. more

Our services will help you in launching a new product or a brand. In communicating a change to your employees or local communities. In building lasting trust-based relations with the most important groups in your environment.