Video news

Our offer now includes video-news –information conveyed by means of video files that provide you with non-standard possibilities and opportunities so far not taken advantage of in the Polish market.

What is exceptional about video-news?
A persuasive message making use of images and sound is much more interesting than text alone. It also allows you to communicate much more and to do that in a manner more effective than even the best press article. Besides being a novelty in the Polish market such a form of communication arouses more interest.

Who will create video-news for you?
We offer your company video-news prepared by the professional and experienced team from a film studio and by our communication experts from PR Solutions. Our offer includes:

– Preparation of the script of a piece of video-newsa
– Preparation of footage, conducting interviews with experts from your company and other organizations relevant for the given subject
– Video editing – sound recording and preparation of other visual elements
– Distribution of video-news to television media
– Distribution of video-news in the Internet

How can you make use of video-news?

Videos are perfect for external communication – particularly in the case of an event of special importance for the company, such as the launch of a new product or service, the company’s anniversary, establishing business relations with other companies. A piece of video-news about such an event may be publicized in news programs on TV and in the Internet. The video may also be placed in the appropriate section of a corporate website (e.g. as additional information concerning the product or service described) or used during a face-to-face meeting with a potential client or business partner as an additional feature of the presentation.

Video-news is also well-suited for internal communication directed to employees. Such a video may e.g. relate the company’s 10th anniversary party, featuring elements of its history or development plants presented by the Management Board, which can be illustrated with the description of new services or products.

The benefits include also effective communication with the environment – e.g. in the case of an emergency situation in the company. An emergency requires quick response and effective and dynamic messages to counter the growing media pressure. An innovative communication form significantly increases the chances of pushing through the media information noise. It also gives the company an opportunity to present its own version of events in a situation when most media are looking for sensational information and not willing to listen to the company’s explanations.

How are videos distributed?
The videos are sent to TV stations complete or in unassembled pieces (B-roll). There it may be presented in news programs or other shows, e.g. economy related ones. In this way the company or institution for which the piece of video-news was prepared gets its message to the television.

The videos can also be posted on the Internet, where popular video sharing services, such as YouTube, can be used. The videos have appropriate descriptions so an Internet user in search of information on a related topic is sure to come across such a video. Also Internet information, industry and lifestyle portals will be glad to illustrate their news with images or sounds taken from our material. To make their text more dynamic and attractive they may add to it a link to a website where the video is available.

Video-news is also placed directly on the company’s website.

Sample projects

Report of the XXI IPMA World Congress (International Project Management Association):

Video news that shows the use of digital signage during the exhibition “Stanisław Wyspiański’s Huge Theatre”: