Mission & Values

We carry out our mission using a wide range of public relations techniques and tools, drawing on expert knowledge of the Client’s business area and maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards.

In cooperation with our Clients we put particular emphasis on partnership in our mutual relations. We believe that only such a model of cooperation ensures effective achievement of PR goals and enables us to build the Client’s image founded on trust.

Our values

All our actions are based on the values presented below.

Mutual Benefits
We are interested in cooperation based on mutual benefits. We want to cooperate in this manner with all persons and companies from our external and internal environment, including Clients, employees, colleagues, business partners.

Highest Standards
We want to provide services based on the highest standards and ethical norms of conduct. The high quality of our services and conformity with our conscience are crucial for us.

We believe that you need to trust someone in order to communicate with them. We strive to implement the trust-based model in the interactions with our Clients, employees and other persons in our environment. We also try to build the Client – market relations based on this model.

We aim to win the loyalty of our Clients, employees and colleagues. We want to build lasting relations with each of them, in which an important element will be the loyalty of both sides.

Result Orientation
Results are of paramount importance. We are perfectly aware of that. We never forget that.