Armatis, a company that has been creating outsourcing solutions for customer support, sales, helpdesk, and other B2C and B2B solutions for over 30 years, has entrusted PR Solutions with conducting public relations activities.

The aim of the cooperation is to increase the recognition of the Armatis brand in Poland and to help generate sales leads. As part of the service, PR Solutions will provide Armatis with support in media relations, marketing communication on social media, and optimization of the company’s website SEO.

Armatis Polska and PR Solutions have entered into cooperation on the recommendation of the British PR agency Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, which serves Armatis in the French market. Both Red Lorry Yellow Lorry and PR Solutions belong to the same network of independent PR agencies specializing in servicing technology companies, Convoy.

Armatis is a French company specializing in customer service and sales outsourcing. It currently employs 9,000 people, about 1,400 of whom are in Poland. Armatis’s offer is distinguished above all by its flexibility, which allows its customers to easily and quickly scale the customer service team to meet their needs. Armatis’s clients include many leading companies from industries such as media, e-commerce, retail sales, tourism, transport, energy, telecommunications, banking, insurance, and public administration.

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PR Solutions has been operating on the market for almost 20 years, specializing in servicing technology companies. However, the agency also has clients from many other industries. The agency provides these companies with comprehensive public relations and digital marketing services.