Are you considering global expansion? For such plans to succeed you must build brand awareness in every country and region where you intend to operate. Public Relations (PR) is a great tool for this. The use of PR requires an intimate knowledge of the local market which, from now on, is no longer a problem as you can get a quick insight into the reality of PR in various markets using the e-book “Building a global PR campaign“. It was prepared by Red Lorry Yellow Lorry (RLYL), an agency that plays a leading role in the Convoy PR network which also includes PR Solutions.

The publication is a collection of articles prepared by PR consultants from agencies associated in Convoy – including from the DACH region, Russia, China, North and South America, the Middle East and Africa. Each of these articles explains the specifics of conducting PR activities in a given country and / or region, which includes discussing the biggest challenges in relations with journalists, the popularity of social platforms or the needs of CTOs / CIOs.

You will find answers to the following questions in the e-book:

– What type of social media platforms are typically used by b-to-b audiences in various countries?
– Can you still use PR, even if you don’t have any customers in the region?
– What do CTOs/CIOs typically care about?

Interested? A free copy of the “Building a global PR campaign” e-book is waiting for you at this address:

The international Convoy PR network brings together independent PR agencies specializing in servicing tech companies from around the world. PR Solutions is the representative of Convoy in Poland.