IVO Software, the manufacturer of the world’s best speech synthesis system – IVONA TTS, commenced cooperation with the public relations agency PR Solutions.

PR Solutions was chosen based on a recommendation and because of its extensive experience in the market of information and communication technologies. PR Solutions is to provide advisory services with respect to the development of communication strategy and comprehensive media relation services in the Polish market and in the English-speaking markets (Australia, Canada, USA, United Kingdom).

IVO Software wants to conquer the world with its new product – Expressivo Text Reader. It is a software application for use at home which can read any text with a human voice (so far in English, Romanian and Polish). Expressivo allows you to listen to books, documents, articles, e-mails – not only via a computer but also via a portable MP3 player while on a walk or in a car. The application may also be used to facilitate learning of foreign languages or to read out film subtitles. IVO also plans to introduce its own speech synthesis products for enterprises to the English-speaking markets.

“The IVONA Text To Speech System developed by us and used in Expressivo received the highest score for speech quality during the last year’s Blizzard Challenge in the USA. We defeated such powers as IBM or Microsoft. In Poland we already have more than half of the speech synthesis market. Recently we started selling the English-language version of Expressivo abroad. It is a huge but also a difficult market. We believe that with the appropriate PR support we can achieve success there,” said Łukasz Osowski, the President of IVO Software Sp. z o.o.

IVO Software was established in 2001 and since then it has been involved only in creation and development of speech synthesis products. The Company conducts its own research in this field and takes advantage of the achievements of university centers from all over the world. Based on a proprietary speech synthesis technology IVO develops and implements software speaking with a human voice. It is used in business, rehabilitation of the blind and at home. To find out more about IVO Software visit: http://www.ivosoftware.com.

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