PR Solutions has completed a project for Gravity R&D, a leader of the personalization industry. Its main purpose was to publicize the new cooperation between Gravity R&D and Allegro, the biggest e-commerce service in Poland and Central Europe.

The project itself included the dissemination of a press release in the technology, e-commerce and marketing media. The press release tells the story of a pilot project implementing a personalization and recommendation solution from Gravity R&D in’s website as well as its results.

Selected publications resulting from the project completed by PR Solutions may be found here.

Gravity RD ( was founded in 2007 and gained international recognition by winning multiple awards, for instance in 2009 Gravity’s team tied for first place in the competition for The Netflix Prize, the most prestigious award in the industry. The sudden global recognition helped the company to develop. Today it supplies recommendation software for companies such as Dailymotion, OLX Brazil and the Australian job board service Jora (part of SEEK). Moreover, since 2013 Gravity has been involved in the scientific project CrowdRec, financed by the EU.