The public relations agency PR Solutions will be responsible for publicizing the launch of Caspio’s software development center in Krakow. Caspio, an American cloud pioneer, offers one of the most popular platforms in the world for creating database applications without the need to code them.

The planned activities cover communication strategy consulting as well as preparing, publicizing and monitoring of the media responses to the press release on the launch of Caspio’s facility. They are to improve Caspio’s recognition in Poland, thus facilitating the recruitment of programmers and other specialists.

Caspio has been in business since 2000. Based on its platform, internet applications have been created by thousands of different organizations, from global corporations and government agencies, through universities, NGOs and small enterprises, to streamline and automate many of their internal processes. Those applications may be used to generate interactive reports, visualize data, set up dashboards and custom workflows. Another great advantage is the insight into analytical data concerning various types of processes for enhanced decision-making and communications.

More information on Caspio is available here.